Simple Ways to Prevent and Detect Skin Cancer

We all know this is Texas. When it’s summer it’s HOT pretty much all the time. And when there is more sun, there is often more skin exposure. I have a personal history with skin cancer so I want to talk about some simple ways you can prevent and detect it. PREVENT Cover up with […]

Headaches and Massage

“This project is such a headache!” Headaches are so common that the term has become synonymous with an annoyance. But what are headaches, really? And can massage therapy really help?   Different types, different causes. Headaches are pretty easily defined, and we all know one when we feel it: it’s a pain in the head. […]

Dry Brushing: What it is and Why it’s Important

You probably brush your teeth and your hair every day, but have you ever brushed your skin? Dry body brushing is something quick and easy you can do every day that would have major health benefits for your skin, circulation, and lymphatic system.  Skin brushing is done by applying smooth brush strokes on dry skin […]

Posture Perfect

What is posture? When you start talking to people about posture, many will subconsciously begin to stand taller- shoulders pushed back and head held high. For years moms everywhere have been instructing their kids to “sit up straight” and “stop slouching”. This has led most people to think of posture as describing only the positioning […]

Bending without Breaking: A Look at Hypermobility

When I was a young girl, I joined a pee-wee cheerleading team. It seemed like a great fit because I was outgoing, loud and full of energy.  It wasn’t very many practices in that the coach started calling me out because my arms didn’t look “right” in the High V. The coach would tell me to […]

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